Frequently asked questions about license plates featured

1) I am looking for a pair of license plates to use on my vehicle, can you be of assistance?

No.  Please note that all license plates featured here on The Plate Hut are authentic plates that have been cancelled and are for sole purpose of collecting or to be used as a souvenir.  If you are seeking license plates for registration purposes you should address your inquiry to your local DMV or Transit Bureau.

2) We are currently filming a movie and need license plates to be used as props.  Can The Plate Hut help us in locating a particular vintage license plate?

Yes…In several instances we have been contacted to be of assistance in providing both vintage and current style license plates to the Movie Film and Television Industry.  If you have a specific need for license plates to be used as movie props or television props we will be glad to help out if at all possible.  Please inquire with your specific needs.

3) I would like to find a certain license plate or a pair of license plates to be used on an antique, classic, collector, or hobby vehicle.  My understanding is that these can be used for vintage registration.  Can you help?

The Plate Hut does have in stock pairs of license plates from various states that allow motorists to register and use these on their particular collector cars. (This law is often referred to as the YOM law or Year of Manufacturer law).  If we do not have the particular license plate or plate in stock we will attempt to locate it for you or direct you to someone that may be able to provide assistance.

4) Do you sell repainted or restored license plates?

No.  The Plate Hut does not sell restored nor repainted collectible license plates.  We focus on plates that are high quality when condition is concerned.  If you are looking to get a particular license plate restored or refinished we can also refer you to some experts that we know in this business.

5) Will you be shipping me the exact license plate as the one that appears in the photo?

No.  In most cases you will be receiving a license plate just like the particular one that appears in the photo or image on our site.

6) In what condition can I expect the license plate I have ordered to be in and will it have the proper stickers affixed?

All plates offered for sale are in at least very good + to excellent condition and are all original.  We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all orders.  Where plate validation stickers are used the plate ordered will also have the original validation stickers.  Certain jurisdictions only use validation stickers on the rear license plate and front plates do not receive stickers.  Many jurisdictions such as Texas currently use windshield stickers and therefore no longer use these on the actual license plates.  If you prefer a plate without validation stickers please advise us.

7) Do you offer reproductions or facsimiles of license plates?

No.  We only offer license plates that are genuine, 100% authentic.  If you are seeking a vanity or personalized license plate we may be able to offer some assistance but this would be for a souvenir license plate not to be used for registration purposes.

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