Yukon Canada License Plates

License plates of the Yukon Territory Canada

The Yukon Territory of Canada is situated north of the province of British Columbia between Alaska and the Northwest Territories. Also called the "Land of the Midnight Sun" and the "Home of the Klondike", this sparsely populated area was first settled during the Gold Rush of 1898.

License plates were first issued in 1924 on an annual basis until 1980 when the Yukon started using validation stickers. In 1952 the appearance of the distinctive gold miner panning gold became an icon on all Yukon Territory passenger car license plates along with the slogan "Land of the Midnight Sun". A unique feature of the miner is the dab of gold paint in the pan that the miner is holding. During the 1950's and early 1960's, the miner was often colored a different color than the rest of the license plate. In 1971 the "Land of the Midnight Sun" slogan was dropped and the slogan "Home of the Klondike" appeared on all license plates. In 1978 the slogan was again modified, this time to "The Klondike" and the size of the miner on all license plates was reduced in size. In 1987 a single permanent colorful graphic license plate was issued and this plate remains in use today.

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Yukon 1958 License Plate
Yukon 1960 License Plate
Yukon 1962 License Plate

Yukon 1964 License Plate
Yukon 1965 License Plate
Yukon 1969 License Plate

Yukon 1972 License Plate
Yukon 1990 License Plate
Yukon Home of the Klondike License Plate
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Yukon Land of the Midnight Sun License Plate
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Yukon Sample License Plate
Yukon Miner Klondike License Plate
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