Distrito Federal Mexico License Plates

License plates of Mexico
(United States of Mexico…Estados Unidos Mexicanos)

The correct term for Mexico is actually The United States of Mexico, or Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos. Mexico is a federal republic divided into 31 states and one Federal District (similar to the United States).

The current day graphic license plates of Mexico are quite interesting and eye catching as each state has now issued it's own graphic design. These license plates incorporate the use of bar codes along with a new numbering system that uses hyphenated number and letter combinations. You will notice that Mexican plates also bear the words TRASERA or DELANTERA. Trasera being the plate for the rear of the vehicle and Delantera being the plate for the front of the vehicle. This is a preventative measure designed so as motorists do not use both plates of a pair on two distinct vehicles. You will also notice that next to the state name on the license plate is a jurisdiction code which run from 01 through 32. These numbers correspond to the particular state's name when all the states are listed in Spanish and in alphabetical order. Every license plate also features a vehicle designation and classification below the state name. The designation TRANSPORTE PRIVADO or PARTICULAR is used for private automobiles. The bar code on the plate corresponds to the registration number for all 31 states with the exception of the Federal District (Distrito Federal) whose bar code actually corresponds to the vehicle identification number (VIN) to which it is registered. Also on each Mexican license plate appears a small security seal within a small star. This security seal bears the letters SCT which stands for SECRETARIA DE COMUNICACIONES Y TRANSPORTES or the Department of Communications and Transportation.

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Distrito Federal Mexico New Style License Plate
Distrito Federal Mexico License Plate
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