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License plates of Puerto Rico

The full name of the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico is actually the Free Associated State and Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. There are four distinct types of passenger car license plates currently in use on the island. The first plate is a simple black on reflectorized white plate issued in early 1970 with the word Puerto Rico at the bottom. The first graphic plate issued on the island in 1985 was the very short-lived issue coqui frog license plate. The coqui frog is a very small frog that is indigenous to the island and makes its presence especially after a rainfall. This little frog makes a loud sound that sounds almost like a very loud cricket. These plates bear the slogan "Isla del Encanto" or Island of Enchantment at the bottom and the words Puerto Rico at the top. The little coqui frog sits right above the dash between the letters and numbers. The coqui license plates were only issued for one year until 1986 when the famous Morro Castle plate began to appear. This plate features the famous Castillo del Morro in the background and displays the slogan Isla del Encanto at the bottom.

It was not until February of 2002 that the fourth style license plate was issued. This colorful graphic optional license plate quickly became the subject of great controversy in Puerto Rico. The plate is draped with both the images of the Puerto Rican and United States flags and commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the island's status as a "Free-Associated State under U.S. jurisdiction. Many Puerto Ricans argued that this license plate forces drivers to be like a moving billboard, showing their support for the governing party and revealing their political views. The Puerto Rican Government defended the license plate as a rightful commemoration of the "Free Associated State" which was approved by voters and took effect on July 25th of 1952. Puerto Ricans were up in arms over this license plate and claimed that the license plate constituted a "political symbol", violated free speech rights, and furthermore was an illegal use of public funds. The Puerto Rican government stopped issuing these optional graphic license plates just about a year later.

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Puerto Rico 50th Anniversary Flag License Plate
Puerto Rico Cargo Truck License Plate
Puerto Rico Coqui Frog License Plate

Puerto Rico Does it Better License Plate
Puerto Rico Sightseeing Vehicle Excursiones License Plate
Puerto Rico Generic License Plate Borinquen

Puerto Rico Ham Radio Operator License Plate
Puerto Rico Historic Antique Classic Car License Plate
Puerto Rico Morro Castle Isla Del Encanto License Plate Borinquen

Puerto Rico Isla Del Encanto Flat Style El Morro Garita License Plate
Puerto Rico Isla Del Encanto Sample License Plate
Puerto Rico Map License Plate

Puerto Rico Mayaguez Central American Games License Plate
Puerto Rico Motorcycle License Plate
Puerto Rico Public License Plate

Puerto Rico Sample License Plate
Puerto Rico Semi Trailer License Plate
Puerto Rico Traficante Used Car Dealer License Plate
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